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Providing quality immigration legal services to the business community and to individuals.


Our team of Legal Professionals has the knowledge, skills and experience to help you with your Immigration needs.

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The Immigration Law Specialists

Immigration Law

We provide a number of services for applications to the UK, U.S. and Schengen. These include applications and reapplications for visas, legal opinions…
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Criminal Law

We offer experienced representation in all aspects of criminal law. We have the personnel, expertise and resources to fully defend individuals, groups and…
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Ghana Visas and Permits

We provide a wide range of immigration advisory services for Ghana visas, immigration licenses and permits. We assist non-Ghanaians to make…
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Corporate & Commercial Law

We provide advice and assistance to clients in the establishment of companies in Ghana as well as in carrying on their businesses in Ghana. We assists client…
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Family Law

We provide legal services in the area of family law including marriage agreements and separation agreements, as well as the processes of adoption…
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Litigation/Dispute Resolution

We offer a wide range of services to individuals, regulated professionals, partnerships, institutions and corporations to help resolve legal…
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legal for tradeAcheampong & Associates is a legal service provider in Accra, Ghana. The firm is registered as an unlimited liability company and licensed as a law chamber by the General Legal Council of Ghana. We provide a wide range of legal services with particular practice focus on immigration law. We offer advisory and legal support services on immigration matters for Ghana, U.S., UK and the Schengen area. > Read More

US visa blog and news in Ghana

How can I request a U.S. nonimmigrant visa waiver?

In this article, we consider the meaning of nonimmigrant visa (NIV) waiver, the factors the CO may consider in recommending NIV waiver, procedure for requesting a waiver, processing times for deciding a waiver, etc. What is NIV waiver? A waiver is a pardon. You may be ineligible to be admitted to the U.S. because of a previous immigration violation. Despite your ineligibility…

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UK visa blog and news in Ghana

How will travel experience count in an application for a UK visit visa?

Facts: Alice has recently received an invitation letter to participate in a 5-day conference in Oxford, UK. Alice’s employers have stated that they will pay for the full cost of her trip. Alice has made previous visits to Germany, South Korea, Dubai and South Africa. She visited Germany in 2014. She was also recently refused a German visa in December, 2015. On her UK…

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DV Lottery blog and news in Ghana

My DV visa has been refused. Can I appeal? (Part 2)

In our last article, we stated that there is no right of appeal against the refusal of a DV visa. We said that you could however pursue a remedy against your refusal by other means; either by Request for Reconsideration or Advisory Opinion to the Visa Office (AP). In the last article, we discussed Request for Reconsideration. In this article, we discuss AP to the Visa Office…

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Schengen visa blog and news in Ghana

Flight booking and travel itinerary for a Schengen Visa; Why are they required?

A flight booking and travel itinerary are key documentary requirements for a Schengen visa. In this article, we discuss the relevance of these documents in an application for a Schengen visa. Depending on the purpose of your visit, your visa may be refused if you fail to submit either of these documents. What is a Travel Itinerary? An itinerary is simply a document that…

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“My wife was settled in the UK with my son. We had plans for me to join her but I did not know my way through the many rules on UK visas. I made a casual search on the internet and I happened to see Acheampong & Associates. I searched through their website, read a couple of testimonials from previous clients and immigration articles on their blog.

I was certain in my mind that they were the right office to handle my application. I discussed with my wife who was then in Ghana and we decided to settle on them.  The team listened to my case and they advised me on appropriate documentation for me. They explained in their covering letter the genuineness of my marriage with my wife and other matters because of how complicated things were at that time.

My visa was finally granted and here I am in the UK with my lovely wife and child. I will not bat an eyelid in recommending them to anyone.”


“Even with a fully paid scholarship, I was refused a UK Visa to allow me undertake a PhD. I was further banned from entry into the UK for ten years because I did not include data on all my children, which the UKVI claimed was a use of falsehood on my part.

Being a fairly intelligent person, had I made the mistake of making an appeal by myself, I most possibly would have lost the case; because it was not about the good reasons and intelligent explanations that one could give as an excuse. I was alarmed and quite critical of the simple and technical but sharp legal principles deployed by Acheampong & Associates against the UKVI, over the visa refusal.

My doubts proved fruitless, because it certainly was an issue of applying legal principles by experienced immigration lawyers to win the case, at administrative review level. All my family and friends with immigration and other legal issues have started to follow up to Acheampong & Associates now. Don’t gamble with your case.”


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