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Apply For A Visa On Arrival

Visa on arrival in Ghana is an option for persons with tight and ongoing business schedules. It is a faster way to travel to Ghana without having to go through the bureaucracy of obtaining a visa from a Ghana mission abroad. 

The exigencies of business and other commitments often make it practically impossible for persons proceeding to Ghana to obtain a visa from a Ghana Embassy abroad. Others may not have the time to deal with the bureaucracy and complicated immigration paperwork. Generally, considerations of time are a major factor for persons proceeding to Ghana at short notice. Others proceeding to Ghana from a country other than theirs may not have the time to go back home to obtain a visa from their home country. 

Visa on arrival provides the solution to these issues. It is usually processed within 14 days and valid for 30 days. Using up-to-date technology, we provide a reliable and efficient solution for obtaining visa on arrival in a convenient and stress-free manner. You can apply for this service in the comfort of your home or phone, without having to go back and forth with immigration paperwork.

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