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Become A Dual Citizen Of Ghana

You can become a dual citizen if your national laws permit dual citizenship, and you meet the requirements for acquiring citizenship in Ghana. Citizenship in Ghana is acquired through descent, marriage, and long residence. It is the hope of every applicant to have clear and accurate information about the legal requirements for acquiring dual citizenship.

Unfortunately, there are tons of varied and conflicting online information about Dual Citizenship in Ghana. Relying on unreliable sources of information can be painful and frustrating. Stories of foreign nationals travelling all the way to Ghana on the hopes of obtaining dual citizenship on the back misleading online information are not uncommon.

The flow of accurate information is critical to making good choices on the requirements, processes, and even the costs involved in applying to obtaining Dual Citizenship.

Our team of legal advisors provides a pathway for accessing accurate and reliable information on dual citizenship that can save you endless hours of scurrying around for online information. Among others, we will do these for you

Our services include:

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