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Become A Permanent President of Ghana

Permanent residence gives settled rights. A permanent resident does not require a visa to enter in and out of Ghana. They may live as long as they wish in Ghana without limitation. They may also engage in work, business, or employment without having to apply for a work permit. Permanent residence may be obtained in one of two ways:

  1. By acquiring Indefinite Residence 
  2. By acquiring Right of Abode (ROA)

It is the hope of any applicant to have clear and accurate information about the legal requirements for obtaining permanent residence in Ghana.

Unfortunately, there are tons of varied and conflicting online information about obtaining permanent residence. Relying on unreliable sources of information can be painful and frustrating. Therefore, the flow of accurate information is critical to making good choices on the requirements, processes, and even the costs involved in becoming a permanent resident. 

Our team of legal advisors is a sure bet for accessing accurate and reliable information to save you valuable hours of scurrying around for material on permanent residence. Among others, we will do these for you:

Our services include:

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