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Becoming A Ghana Resident Is Very Easy Only If…

Well, we know many immigrants have not been finding the right of abode and resident permit application process easy at all.

You need to be eligible and follow the right procedures to be approved.

Let me ask you...

If your answer is "YES", then we are here to make you achieve your dream of becoming a resident of Ghana.

The No 1 Problem...

Whatever your reasons are, if you don’t know the right way to go about it, you are going to waste time, money, and effort. There’s a high chance your application is going to be refused.

But inherent in this are complications and issues for a lot of applicants because of wrong and incomplete information.

Most of the information online is incorrect, incomplete, or subject to multiple interpretations. This could be is quite FRUSTRATING and TIME-CONSUMING for a prospect

This is what we have done...

To help you overcome the frustrations of having to deal with incorrect, incomplete, and often conflicting information online, we have created a one-stop shop consultation package that saves you precious time by getting you everything you need to become a resident of Ghana…

We have helped thousands to become residents with our up-to-date reliable information that cuts out all the chaff and makes the process simpler for you than you could ever imagine.

They took us through all the necessary procedures involved. In no time, we applied for the visa and it was granted!


United Kingdom

This firm is by far the best firm I have worked with in terms of professionalism, friendliness and above commitment and value for money.


Accra, Ghana

Payment for services isn't all that mattered to Acheampong & Associates. Good quality, and timely services to their clients are foremost.

Mr. & Mrs. Asongwe

United States of America

The amount of help and accessibility to staff I received was above and beyond duty. Everyone is very friendly and professional.


United States of America

Here is why you want this consultation:

When you get this consultation, these are some of the things you’ll get.

Up-to-date Information

You'll get in-depth credible information that answers both general and hind-sight queries that you might have regarding any immigration need.

Eligibility Status Confirmation

You will be able to assess your eligibility for residence or other related permit or status

Find Out The Way Forward

No matter what the results of your eligibility status, you'll get practical advice on what to do and what the way forward is.

Choose which service suits you most

Standard Advisory Service

$ 100

  • This plan is for foreign nationals who need straight-to-the-point credible information on residence in Ghana.

    Here are what you get from this plan:

  • PDF literature on:
  • The nature and features of the desired immigration permit
  • Application processes and timelines
  • All relevant documentary requirements
  • All Government fees
  • Eligibility status check
  • Expert advice emails on the way forward after eligibility result.

  • How you benefit from our standard advisory service
  • One-stop-shop for affordable and credible information.
  • Value for money without having to scurry around for information

  • How to sign up right now
  • Place your order
  • Complete discovery form

Premium Advisory Service

$ 250

  • This plan is for for all foreign nationals who need a one-on-one meeting with an attorney. This offers them the opportunity to have an hour-long conversation with an attorney.

    Ideal for two or more persons who might have different inquiries relating to the same subject matter.

    Here are what you get from this plan:

  • Live virtual meeting with an expert attorney
  • Third-party participation
  • Assigned relationship officer
  • Facilitated application process
  • Quick turn-around time
  • 20% discount when you sign up for any residence option

  • How to sign up right now
  • Place your order
  • Complete Form
  • Choose an available time slot

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