Dual Citizenship in Ghana

Dual Citizenship In Ghana

Dual citizenship is allowed in Ghana. This means that you can be a citizen of Ghana and also a citizen of other countries. Dual citizenship may be granted to anyone who is either born in Ghana or has parent(s) of Ghanaian origin. 
Many countries do not accept dual citizenship. It is important to find out the rules and regulations on dual citizenship from individual host countries. Ghanaian law however allow its citizens to hold the citizenship of other countries, in addition to their Ghanaian citizenship.

An application for dual citizenship depends on where the applicant resides. It may be made in Ghana through the Ministry of the Interior or at any Ghana Mission abroad. The requirements and costs are substantially the same. 

The essence of being a dual citizen in Ghana is that it enables the holder to work and reside in Ghana without the requirement of a Work or Residence Permit, and to enjoy certain other rights and privileges attendant on Ghanaian citizenship.

For all dual citizenship applications, we are able to assess the eligibility requirements for the permit, advise on relevant supporting documentation, complete relevant application forms, draft and review supporting letters in support of the application, and to engage with the GIS officials to ensure that application is processed within time.

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