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Matters that affect your family are never easy. They can have far reaching effects on yourself and your family’s future. We offer you the high quality representation you deserve that creates real results without losing sight of the fact that family law matters touch personal aspects of your life. 

Our family law services include but are not limited to: Divorce proceedings, custody claims, maintenance proceedings, matrimonial property settlement, drafting of wills, children’s rights, and parental rights.

Let us help you understand your options, craft a strategy and get real results that will help you build a better future.


Navigating a divorce can be complex and overwhelming and this is where we come in. You should never go through a divorce alone. Every relationship is unique and consequently, so is every divorce. Our firm takes a proactive approach to family law and this allows us to create the best results for you even in the most difficult of situations.

 When filing for a divorce or going through one, it is important for you to keep sight of the legal process and the consequences of obtaining a divorce judgement. During a divorce, major concerns that are raised include, child custody and support, spousal support, property distribution and many more. Our firm offers you advisory and representative services to ensure you obtain desirable results. 


A separation agreement allows you to deal with property division, custody issues and other complications that arise from a divorce or separation in a way that best suits you. It gives you a first-hand opportunity to solve such issues without necessarily having to resort to adversarial forms of litigation. Clients gravitate towards a separation agreement because it offers a level of flexibility and speed that that can rarely be achieved through the court process. A properly drafted separation agreement provides you with diverse benefits. Your life should not come to a pause due to custody battles, property distribution, spousal support or other issues arising from your divorce or separation. Contact our firm today and let’s get you started. 

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This is an important portion of a separation or a divorce which ultimately determines where your child lives, who makes decisions about their health, education and life in general while they are still under 18 years old. Our team of family lawyers at Acheampong and Associates are available to help you explore your options with relation to child custody battles. There are many arrangements for you and your family under the law.

Sole custody; in this instance the child or children goes to one parent who becomes generally responsible for his upbringing.

Shared or Joint custody; in this instance both parents share responsibility for the child’s upbringing 

Split custody; in this case there is more than one child and either parent gets custody of at least one child, among other options. Talk to us today and enjoy a total peace of mind. 



Child support is the sum of money agreed upon by the parties or issued by court order to be paid to the custodial parent, for the care and upkeep of their child. 

Spousal support on the other hand is an order by the court for one spouse to render the other financial assistance after a marital separation or divorce. 

In either case, factors like the length of marriage, health, ages of children and spouses and work history, among others apply. 

There is no substitute for experience and skill when handling a child or spousal support claim. The family lawyers at Acheampong and Associates are available to partner with you to uncover your options and redeem your just dessert.

Frequently Asked Questions

A divorce process starts with a document called a “Statement of Claim for Divorce”. If you are the person starting the divorce, you will be the Plaintiff and your spouse will be the Defendant. If your spouse is starting the divorce action, he or she is the Plaintiff and you are the Defendant. You can also use a similar document which is called a “Statement of Claim for Divorce and Division of Matrimonial Property”. This second type will deal with property division at the same time – but it is not required.

The duration of divorce proceedings depends on several factors. It is impossible to provide an estimate without knowing:

  • How quickly you and your spouse agree on property division, child custody, child support, spousal support, visitation rights, etc.
  • Whether mediation, arbitration, or collaboration will be involved
  • Whether litigation is required
  • Whether there are complicating factors that could extend a trial

It is possible for an uncontested divorce to pass through the family court system in Calgary in as little as 8-12 weeks if you have been separated for the mandatory 12-month minimum.

YES! Due to the emotionally charged nature of divorce cases, it is important to have an objective advocate assist you.

Contested divorces can be costly, take longer to settle, and involve considerable stress for the spouses and children from the marriage.

In general, if you agree on most of the key issues of a divorce agreement and want to avoid expense, stress, and delays, a contested divorce may be inadvisable.

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