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We provide a wide range of immigration advisory services relating to Ghana immigration. We have a strong and capable team who are able to provide sound, efficient and cost-effective immigration solutions for individuals and businesses in all aspects of Ghana immigration.

We have a dedicated focus on corporate immigration which seeks to address the challenges of businesses and corporate organisations on how they may navigate their way through the myriad of immigration issues for their clients and employees.

Our corporate immigration focuses on applications for work permits, free zone licenses, rotator permits, resident permits, immigration work quota, registration and compliance with the GIPC, among others.

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Our Practice Areas

Immigration Law

We provide a number of services for applications to the UK, U.S. and Schengen. These include applications and reapplications for visas, legal opinions, waiver applications, appeals, requests for information, consultancy services, etc.

We will conduct an honest and impartial assessment of your case to give you a candid opinion. Our services typically include:

Criminal Law

We offer experienced representation in all aspects of criminal law. We have the personnel, expertise and resources to fully defend individuals, groups and corporations, in relation to all criminal and regulatory offences.

Corporate and Commercial Law

We provide advice and assistance to clients in the establishment of companies in Ghana as well as in carrying on their businesses in Ghana. We assists client with a wide range of corporate services, including corporate secretarial services, compliance and corporate governance issues.

Our corporate and commercial practice also encompasses the following:

Litigation/Dispute Regulation

We offer a wide range of services to individuals, regulated professionals, partnerships, institutions and corporations to help resolve legal disputes. We represent clients in hearings before all administrative tribunals and courts in Ghana matters involving professional regulation, occupational health and safety, environmental, human rights, workers’ compensation, occupier’s liability, negligence and commercial litigation.  Our lawyers are also experienced with mediation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Family Law

We provide legal services in the area of family law including marriage agreements and separation agreements, as well as the processes of adoption, separation and divorce and claims for custody, support and possession of the matrimonial home.

We can also do the following:

Ghana immigration services

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