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How A Foreigner Can Obtain A Visa On Arrival To Ghana [The Only Guide You Will Ever Need]

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Are you eager to experience the vibrant culture of Ghana? Get ready to pack your bags and head to this beautiful African nation! Ghana offers a visa on arrival for travellers seeking to avoid the hassle of applying in advance. 

Countries, the world over, have legislations, regulations and policies that govern immigration in their country. Typically, these rules regulate the entry and exit of foreign nationals. Ghana is no exception. Ghana has a regulatory framework that provides for the admission of foreign nationals. The primary legislation is the Immigration Act, of 2000 (Act 573). There are other legislations that touch on and concern immigration in Ghana. This article examines the use of a Visa on Arrival or Emergency Entry Visa (EEV) as an alternative to regular visas issued abroad. It also provides information on eligibility, requirements, and procedures for obtaining a Ghana visa on arrival.

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What is Ghana Visa on Arrival?

A Ghana visa on arrival is a pre-approved visa granted in-country to a foreign national before they are able to travel to Ghana. In other words, a visa on arrival must be applied on behalf of the foreign national by their host in Ghana. A visa on arrival usually is valid for 30 days and is renewable for further extended periods within the same trip. It is a more convenient option for emergency travels and a way to get around the log of copious immigration paperwork and delays which is a feature of most applications made at Ghana Missions abroad.

What are the conditions for Visa on Arrival?

To be eligible to apply for a visa on arrival, the foreign national must demonstrate at least one of the following:

  1. They are proceeding from a country where Ghana has no diplomatic mission or consulate
  2. They are from a country where Ghana has a diplomatic mission or consulate but entry to Ghana is being sought for an emergency assignment
  3. The impromptu nature of the visit and the distance between the foreign national’s place of abode and the Ghana consular office could not make it possible for them to travel for a visa
  4. The applicant is travelling to Ghana at short notice for a business transaction
  5. The applicant is a guest of the Ghana Government or a member of a delegation coming to Ghana at the instance of the Government or any agency of the Government at short notice
  6. The entry permit of a person resident in Ghana has expired whilst they were outside Ghana

Requirements for Ghana Visa on Arrival

The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has streamlined the processing of Emergency Entry visas. The application must be filed by the host in Ghana to the Comptroller-General of the Ghana Immigration Service. The application must include the following details about the applicant:

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  • Particulars of their passport
  • Country of origin
  • Proposed date of arrival
  • Duration of Stay
  • Purpose of visit (detailed)
  • Address of lodging
  • Address abroad
  • Occupation or profession
  • Telephone number – abroad
  • Email address
Requirements for Ghana Visa

Document Required for the Visa Application

The application must be supported by a local host. The host must furnish security by bond, deposit or a letter of guarantee in order to guarantee the applicant’s visit. In general, the following documents are to be attached to the application:

  • Certificate to commence business
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Company’s regulations
  • Tax clearance certificate
  • Audited accounts (where the company has been in existence for five years and above)
  • Bank statement (where the host is an individual)
  • Copy of residence permit (where the host is non-Ghanaian)
  • Bio-data page of the passport of the applicant
  • Bio-data page of passport of the host 
  • Confirmation of accommodation in Ghana (e.g. hotel booking)
Cost to Get a Visa

How do I obtain a copy of my visa on arrival when approved?

In many cases, it is usually not practicable for a foreign national to obtain a hard copy of an approved visa on arrival, especially when time is of the essence. When approved, the host usually scans a copy for the applicant. They only need to produce the scanned copy or a printed one to the airline and immigration staff from the country they are proceeding with, and they would be good to go. Airlines would normally not allow a traveller to embark at the port of departure if they are not in possession of a valid visa on arrival.

Obtain a Hard Copy of an Approved Visa on Arrival

Tips to ensure a smooth and hassle-free application process

The fastest way for you to get a visa on arrival or an emergency entry visa without delay is:

  • Provide all appropriate documentation from the applicant
  • Provide all appropriate information from Ghana host
  • Provide all mandatory information in the application
  • File your application on time
  • Follow up on application to ensure you do not miss crucial travel and meeting deadlines


A visa on arrival is often a hassle-free process which takes the bulk of the work off the back of the traveller. They would not need to be calling and following up with endless calls and emails to the offices of the Ghana Mission in their home country. The bulk of the work is done by the host in Ghana or by third-party organisations like Acheampong & Associates which specialise in providing immigration services to foreign nationals. 

However, like all applications for immigration benefits, you must satisfy the eligibility requirements and not fall for any of the grounds for refusal that apply to the category of benefit you are applying. Ready to experience the vibrant culture of Ghana? Apply for a Ghana visa on arrival today with Acheampong and Associates to ensure a smooth and hassle-free application process.

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