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How can I request a U.S. nonimmigrant visa waiver?

In this article, we consider the meaning of nonimmigrant visa (NIV) waiver, the factors the CO may consider in recommending NIV waiver, procedure for requesting a waiver, processing times for deciding a waiver, etc. What is NIV waiver? A waiver is a pardon. You may be ineligible to be admitted to the U.S. because of a previous immigration violation. Despite your ineligibility…
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Why did the officer refuse my B visa without looking at my documents?

Mr. Amponsah could hardly believe his eyes. He had just been refused a B visa to attend her daughter’s graduation ceremony in the U.S. He walked dejectedly out of the US consulate in Accra towards his expectant wife who stood some yards away across the road. “How could the officer refuse me the visa?” he bellowed in anger and bewilderment. “I had every document that they…
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What is a U.S. immigrant visa?

In this article, we will consider what is an immigrant visa and the main elements of an immigrant visa. We will also consider the main distinctions between an immigrant and a nonimmigrant visa and the class of persons who are eligible to apply for an immigrant visa. What is an immigrant visa? An immigrant visa is a type of visa issued to foreign nationals which entitle…
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How to make an application for a nonimmigrant visa waiver (part 1)

In this article, we will discuss the meaning of a nonimmigrant visa waiver, the basis for a making nonimmigrant visa waiver, and the conditions for recommending a nonimmigrant visa waiver. What is a nonimmigrant visa waiver? A waiver is akin to a “pardon”. Depending on your ineligibility, you may not be allowed to enter the U.S. until the passage of a specified time…
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How to prepare for a U.S. visit visa interview: Part 1

I have always been asked the extent to which a lawyer may assist in a B visa application. I have always answered that the nature of the B visa adjudication does not really need a lawyer’s representations. In short, there is very little a lawyer may do to impact on your chances for a B visa. At best, a lawyer or other representative may only assist you in booking your…
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