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Obtain Work And Residence Permits In Ghana

Work and residence permits are required for a foreigner seeking to live and work in Ghana. There are penalties for working here without a permit. 

Certain short-term skilled activities may be performed on a business visa, without the need to obtain a residence permit. However, stays for more than 90 days would usually require a residence permit.

We understand the importance of businesses having a skilled and diverse workforce, and in doing so, they require a smooth and stress-free process that free up their valuable time to concentrate on their core operations.

The laws on work and residence permit may be challenging, confusing, and often time-consuming. Stories of dozens of work/residence permits held in long processing times abound. Longer waiting times mean more operational costs for little or no value. 

Given these challenges, it is crucial for businesses to have a streamlined immigration process rather than having to run through the corridors of immigration offices to chase applications.

This is where we matter. Exploiting our tools and network of key contacts in strategic positions, we get the work done quickly, and well by doing the following

Our Work And Residence Permits In Ghana services include:

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