Right of Abode in Ghana

Right of Abode In Ghana

We assist Ghanaians who has lost their Ghanaian citizenship

Right of Abode is akin to Indefinite Residence Permit. The holder is generally not subject to immigration control and may engage in work or employment without the need to obtain a work permit.

Right of Abode may be granted in one of two ways. The first category may be granted to a citizen who has lost their Ghanaian citizenship by reason of having acquired the citizenship of another country. This scenario often occurs in countries which do not allow dual citizenship. A Ghanaian who wishes to acquire the citizenship of such a country will be required to renounce their Ghanaian citizenship before they will be granted the citizenship of that other country. If such a person wishes to reacquire their Ghanaian citizenship, they may apply and be granted a Right of Abode.

The second category of Right of Abode may be granted to a person of African descent in the Diaspora. Unlike the Ghanaian who have lost their citizenship, a Diaspora must, among other requirements, show that they meet the residency requirement. In other words, they must have resided in Ghana for a minimum period of time before they are eligible to apply.

In all applications for Right of Abode, we are able to assess the eligibility requirements for the permit, advise on relevant supporting documentation, complete relevant application forms, draft and review supporting letters in support of the application, and to engage with the GIS officials to ensure that application is processed within time.

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