Travelling to Ghana by air requirements

Travelling to Ghana By Air Requirements: Top Three Crucial Travel Documents You Should Never Forget when Preparing for Your Trip

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Acheampong Associates

Travelling to Ghana by air can be an exciting adventure, but the process of obtaining a visa can often be challenging for travellers. Fortunately, the Ghana Visa on Arrival option eliminates the need to apply for an entry visa at a Ghana mission especially when you are short on time for your travel. However, while this simplified process eliminates one of the major travelling to Ghana by air requirements, it is crucial not to overlook the remaining essentials.

In this article, we’ll specifically focus on the top three travel documents you should not forget when seeking to visit Ghana, highlighting their crucial role in facilitating your journey.

  • Valid Passport

A passport serves as your primary identification document and is essential for entry into Ghana, whether you’re obtaining a visa in advance or opting for the convenient Visa on Arrival. To ensure stress-free travel, ensure that your passport is valid. You must check the expiration date of your passport. It should be valid for at least six months beyond your planned departure date from Ghana.

  • Yellow Fever Vaccination Card

Ghana, like many countries, may require proof of certain vaccinations to protect public health. Historically, this has been one of the frustrations for travellers, so it is better you know before embarking on your journey to Ghana. Ths is one of the key travelling to Ghana by air requirements. 

  • A Valid Visa: Before travelling to Ghana, you must possess a valid visa. You may apply for an entry visa at a Ghana mission or Embassy in your home country or a nearby third country. Another option is to apply for a visa on arrival to Ghana. 

The term visa on arrival justifiably connotes the idea that a traveller can hop onto a plane to Ghana and apply for a visa at the port of entry. While this is so, the airlines are reluctant to pick up passengers who do not possess a valid visa. Therefore, you must apply for a pre-approved visa on arrival in advance of your travel.

Bottom line. Do not head to the airport unless you have a valid visa! At Acheampong & Associates, we simplify and reduce frustration in this process through our Fastrack Visa Application 

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Why Opt for Ghana’s  Visa on Arrival 

While opting for a Ghana Visa on Arrival eliminates the need for a traditional visa, it’s crucial not to forget about your valid passport and any necessary vaccination cards. These documents are vital for ensuring a smooth entry into Ghana. Keep your passport up-to-date, and stay informed about any vaccination requirements before your trip.

One significant advantage of choosing the Ghana Visa on Arrival is that you can apply and get it within 72 hours even if the departure time is closer. You can apply and get an emergency visa for your travel needs, saving you travel cancellations and changes in your plans. 


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