U.S. Visa Application in Ghana

U.S. Visa Application in Ghana

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We provide several services for applications to the United States.

You may make an application for a U.S. visa based on your reasons for wishing to go to the U.S. Most nonimmigrant visas require an intention to return. This means that you must provide evidence in your application to show that you have sufficient ties to your home country to enforce your return.

For immigrant visas, this is usually based on a qualifying relationship with a U.S. citizen, an LPR or a U.S.-based employer.

Unlike a nonimmigrant visa, you will not need to show any intention to return. Usually, the family member or employer will file a petition on your behalf.

Once you become the beneficiary of an approved petition, your eligibility for the visa will usually depend on you satisfying the consular officer that the claimed relationship does exist.

How can we help?

For nonimmigrant visas, we will consider your circumstances, including your financial, social, and other circumstances to aid us determine whether you have sufficient ties to justify entitlement to the relevant visa classification.

The information you provide to us will give us the necessary data to apply to the relevant provisions of the immigration rule. We will then provide you with an oral or written opinion on the merits or otherwise of your case.

We may save you needless expense, time, and possibly the emotional trauma associated with a visa refusal by advising you on the major weaknesses in your case. We will do this by pointing out the flaws in your case with a roadmap on how you may address any such weaknesses in the future.

For immigrant visas, we will explore whether the evidence, information or documentation you have provided sufficiently establishes the claimed relationship, and if so, whether any additional evidence is required.

Depending on the nature of your case, we may do all or any of the following:

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Depending on the nature of your case,
we may do all or any of the following:
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