Emergency Entry Visa or Visa on Arrival in Ghana

Emergency Entry Visa Or Visa On Arrival In Ghana

Emergency Entry Visa or Visa on Arrival is a temporary visa which may be issued on arrival to a foreign national who by reason of any of the conditions specified under the Immigration Act is unable to apply for a visa from their home country, their country of ordinary residence or a country from where they are proceeding to Ghana.

Emergency Entry Visa may be granted for any permissible purpose provided the person is not a prohibited immigrant, and all other requirements are satisfied. An application must be made to the GIS with all relevant information and must be made in advance of intended date of travel.

In all applications for Emergency Entry Visa, we are able to assess the eligibility requirements for the permit, advise on relevant supporting documentation, complete relevant application forms, draft and review supporting letters in support of the application, and to engage with the GIS officials to ensure that application is processed within time.

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