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Corporate And Immigration Compliance In Ghana

Compliance is undoubtedly one of the key tenets of corporate governance. It simply means, “follow the law’. Failing to fulfil regulatory compliance requirements can expose businesses to multiple risks.

In Ghana, businesses must comply with mandatory requirements relating to incorporation of companies, immigration audit and other compliance requirements.

Businesses often get embroiled in their core operations, leaving themselves open to the risk of failing to comply with corporate and immigration requirements. Lack of adequate information flow about what is required to stay compliant is also a contributory factor. Failing to adhere to compliance requirements often involve penalties, and sometimes, a dent on the corporate image of a business.

Using up-to-date technology and case management system, we utilize tools to keep track of cases and schedule internal case-specific timelines to alert impending deadlines for mandatory activities.  Our Case Management System has an in-built calendaring notification system that automatically send out reminders based on inputs made on specific client cases. These reminders may be set to be sent by email or text message and can be customized to be sent at specific intervals.

In all cases, we do the following:

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