Schengen Visa Reapplication in Ghana

Schengen Visa Reapplication In Ghana

We provide several services for applications to the Schengen member states.

Depending on the reasons for your refusal, you may, instead of appealing, decide to submit a fresh application. However, to stand the chance of overcoming your previous refusal, you must be prepared to submit new evidence which was not originally provided in your previous application. If you provide the same set of documents or fail to provide new evidence, there is little chance that your new application will succeed.

Schengen Visa reapplication is usually advisable in cases where the consulate refused your application because you failed to submit a document or submitted insufficient evidence or documentation. For example, if the consulate refused your application on the ground that your hotel booking has elapsed and a new booking has not been submitted in its place, you may consider making a new booking and submitting a new application.

If you decide to submit a new application, you must complete a new visa application form, book an appointment, if applicable, pay a new visa fee and submit yourself before the consulate for a personal interview.

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We will assess the basis for the refusal to determine whether making a reapplication is justified over other refusal options. For this service, we will carry out some preliminary work to ascertain the underlying basis upon which the refusal was based. We will examine the provision(s) of law which supported the refusal and any other information or document you submitted in support of your application. We will then provide you with an opinion on whether or not you have sufficient basis in law to make a reapplication.

We may do some or all of the following:
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