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“I got to find Acheampong & Associates on the internet. I called them and the feedback I got after our interaction on the phone convinced me that this was the right place to be. The team was patient to guide me through the whole process and also ensured I added everything needed to leave no stone unturned.The team filled my application which I found it more convenient. I presented my documents and it was amazing that by the grace of God and the big support from Acheampong & Associates my decision came in in less than 8 weeks. This firm is by far the best firm I have worked with in terms of professionalism, friendliness and above commitment and value for money.I will always recommend this firm to anybody at any day.”
“A very Big Thank you to Acheampong and Associates for the Amazing work done. I got to know them some few months back when my aunt had plans of sponsoring me to join her in the UK as a dependent of an EEA national. It wasn't easy when we were trying things on our own but when we came in contact with Lawyer and his Team through my aunt's friend, everything changed.He took us through all the necessary procedures involved. In no time, we applied for the visa and it was granted! Today, I am in the UK due to hard work of the "Triad": Lawyer Acheampong, Cecilia and Thelma. They have contributed greatly to my success story.Look no further when applying for a visa to travel. Acheampong and Associates is the best option available to you!!!”
“I made a thorough search on the internet and regardless of all other platforms i saw, my instincts told me Acheampong & Associates was the right choice to assist me in applying for a Schengen visa because i did not want to be refused on the first time of a schengen visa application.On the first day of meeting with Mr. Acheampong, he discussed and explained further to me the requisite documents i will need in my visa application to make it a smooth one. Imagine my exuberance after the visa application when i was issued the visa. They have amazing staff with Cecilia always ready to do her best in assisting you.”
“I got to know Acheampong and associates through a friend at the time when I was desperate about the refusal of my children's UK Visa Application.I was assured that I will win the case. Through the hard work of Acheampong and associates, it came to pass.The visa has been issued to them and they are joining me in UK.”
“My much appreciation to Acheampong & Associates. I applied for a Schengen Visa at Netherlands Embasy and was refused; reasons given included not returning after the expiry of my visa which got me so annoyed. The first thing was to appeal.As I was looking for immigration lawyers, I found Acheampong & Associates. They advised me not to appeal but rather re – apply which I did. I was given Schengen Visa. I will recommend Acheampong & Associates to anyone who wishes to travel.They are the best.”
“I came in contact with Acheampong & Associates when I was looking for visa to travel to UK. I had traveled outside Ghana to Asia, Europe and other countries in Africa before. Unfortunately for me, my passport was stolen.I applied to visit Canada two years ago but I was refused. Lawyer Acheampong and his staff gave me confidence and assured me that all shall be well when I approached them for UK visa and they guided me to gather all the needed documents for the visa before applying. By the grace of God, I was granted Visa for six months.I am grateful to Acheampong and Associates staff. I recommend to people who want to travel genuinely to deal with the above firm.”
“My wife was settled in the UK with my son. We had plans for me to join her but I did not know my way through the many rules on UK visas. I made a casual search on the internet and I happened to see Acheampong & Associates. I searched through their website, read a couple of testimonials from previous clients and immigration articles on their blog.I was certain in my mind that they were the right office to handle my application. I discussed with my wife who was then in Ghana and we decided to settle on them. The team listened to my case and they advised me on appropriate documentation for me. They explained in their covering letter the genuineness of my marriage with my wife and other matters because of how complicated things were at that time.My visa was finally granted and here I am in the UK with my lovely wife and child. I will not bat an eyelid in recommending them to anyone.”
“Even with a fully paid scholarship, I was refused a UK Visa to allow me undertake a PhD. I was further banned from entry into the UK for ten years because I did not include data on all my children, which the UKVI claimed was a use of falsehood on my part.Being a fairly intelligent person, had I made the mistake of making an appeal by myself, I most possibly would have lost the case; because it was not about the good reasons and intelligent explanations that one could give as an excuse. I was alarmed and quite critical of the simple and technical but sharp legal principles deployed by Acheampong & Associates against the UKVI, over the visa refusal.My doubts proved fruitless, because it certainly was an issue of applying legal principles by experienced immigration lawyers to win the case, at administrative review level. All my family and friends with immigration and other legal issues have started to follow up to Acheampong & Associates now. Don’t gamble with your case.”
“A HUGE HUGE thanks to Acheampong and Associates for all the hard work and support in helping me get a UK visa after I had been refused and banned for ten years without any reason! I am very delighted that I have been able to make my trip. You have been brilliant and very professional in taking up legal action on immigration issues in Ghana. Kudos and Keep the good Job up.”
“My Fiancé, son and I decided to apply for a Schengen Visa to enable us spend our vacation in Holland in 2016. My Fiancé was given A 5 year multiple visa whilst our son and I was refused.A friend referred us to Acheampong and Associates. In fact, he was patience with me and reviewed my document. He explained to me the discrepancies in my documentation. He gave me an advise that we can apply but we do not have a solid case but if i wish i can wait and re apply. I applied in 2017 and was refused again.We went through my documentation, drafting personal statements and checking all our documents to ensure that they were in order and we went for an appeal.We finally got the appeal result and the decision the Accra Embassy made was reversed and my visa was granted. Acheampong & Associates are the best you can trust with your immigration issues . It’s not about the money but they will explain the real situation about your issue and allows you to decide.”
“I am a Student at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST). I had two previous UK Visit Visa refusals two years ago and I needed to go for an exchange programme in the UK. I applied but was refused. I consulted Acheampong and Associates and they worked on my application for me and we reapplied. I was hesitant in the beginning but they encouraged and reassured me. I finally had the visa. I loved working with them. They are the best and I would recommend them to anyone.”
“My wife and I decided to apply for a Schengen Visa to enable us spend our vacation in Berlin – Germany. A friend referred us to Acheampong and Associates. In fact, they helped us with the entire process including completing the application forms, suggesting necessary documentation, drafting our personal statements and checking all our documents to ensure that they were in order.Finally, they gave us some very useful tips for our interview. These really made us so relaxed and with a genuine hope; our visas were granted. For your Immigration issues, trust Acheampong & Associates.”
“I had just completed my Masters of Law (LLM) online program at the University of Derby. My wife and I needed to travel to the UK to attend my graduation ceremony. In fact, we had little idea about the application process. We consulted Acheampong and Associates. They assisted us through the whole process and ensured that every ground was covered. Thankfully, our visas were approved. We would not hesitate to recommend Acheampong and Associates to anyone who has immigration challenge.”
“I am a Legal and Compliance Officer for Genser Energy Ghana Limited. I contacted the offices of Acheampong and Associates to assist with obtaining a United Kingdom Visa to enable me attend a conference on Energy Law and Arbitration. Their services were very professional and kept me informed about every development on my visa application until it was successfully obtained within the specified time. I must say I was satisfied with their services. I will recommend Acheampong and Associates to everyone who wishes to travel outside for an important event. They really take off the stress of traveling from you.”
“I initially applied for a visa at the German Embassy, Accra, but unfortunately my visa was refused. A friend introduced me to Acheampong and Associates. I had a chat with one of their solicitors and I was asked for copies of the documents I submitted to the embassy which I provided. In addition they asked for additional documents both from me and my cousin who was inviting me and we provided. They submitted the legal argument on my behalf together with all my evidences. Eventually the refusal was overturned and this time round, I was granted a visa.”
Proprietress, Leenat Communication and Trading Enterprise
“I applied for a Schengen Visa at the Netherlands Embassy but my application was refused. Later, a friend referred me to Acheampong and Associates. They reviewed my documents, asked me some questions and agreed to file the appeal on my behalf. Lo and behold, the refusal was eventually set aside and my visa was granted. Thanks to Acheampong and Associates.”
“You have been loyal and dependable. Always ready to give the necessary advice. Finally, you are business friendly…Considering the nature of my job, I travel as and when the need arises. Sometime in 2015, I was refused a U.S. visa on one occasion when I had to accompany the Black Stars for a tournament in the U.S. The problem was that I had been refused on other occasions without being informed of the grounds of my ineligibility. This troubled me very much since this was what kept me busy following my retirement. Thankfully, the firm with its expertise on U.S. Immigration law contacted the relevant sources and the reason for my ineligibility was provided.”
“I have known Acheampong & Associates for a year as a firm that practices nothing but the best customer service methods. Beyond that, the firm has proved itself as an impressive problem solver and is always able to address complex issues with strategy and confidence. I faced a re-entry ban to the UK for a period of 10 years because of an error made by a colleague on one of my supporting documents. My two subsequent applications were all refused. It was devastating for my family and grandchildren whom I hadn’t seen for some time. A friend recommended Acheampong & Associates to me. I was hesitant initially but I have no regrets consulting them. The ban was eventually overturned and I was granted a visa. In fact, I recently recommended their services to a friend.”
“I am a businessman who imports secondhand footwear from the UK and continental Europe to Ghana. I applied for a Schengen visa to attend a business event in Berlin, Germany. Unfortunately, my application was refused. The refusal came as a shock to me since I was a frequent traveler to the UK. I contacted Acheampong & Associates who advised that I apply for a review of the decision. I instructed them to file it on my behalf and, presto, within days later I received a call from the German Embassy to submit my passport for a visa.”
“I am a Ghanaian woman who recently married a Latvian national living in the U.K. My husband wanted me to join him but the struggles to get a visa was without end. I first applied for the wrong category of visa and was denied. I then applied for an EEA Family permit which was also denied. I was absolutely frustrated not to mention my husband. A friend told me about an immigration firm he had heard of and asked me to consider it and I did. The firm made another EEA application on my behalf but this was also refused. They then filed an appeal against the decision. Amazingly, I received a Notice of Withdrawal from the Home Office notifying me that they have withdrawn their original decision to refuse with directions on how to submit my passport for a visa. You could imagine our joy. I must admit that the firm was patient with me and showed commitment to ensuring that I get results.”
UK Residents
“Thank you once again for all your advice, help and persistence in assisting my daughter to eventually join me in the UK. I know without a doubt that I would not have managed to find any way through the immigration maze without you. I would be forever grateful to have been fortunate enough to have made contact with you all those years ago and to have had the benefit of your expertise and knowledge to get me to this point, from the bottom of my heart I thank you. I will gladly recommend anyone for your services!!!”
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