Schengen Visa review in Ghana

Schengen Visa Review In Ghana

Schengen visa types in Ghana

We provide a number of services for applications to the Schengen member states.

When your application is refused, you may, depending on the local law of the Member State apply for a review of the earlier decision. By this process, an officer, (usually senior in rank to the officer who refused your application) reviews the decision of the subordinate officer. In doing so, the officer may either sustain the original decision (i.e. to affirm the decision of the earlier officer to refuse your application) or withdraw or change its negative decision (i.e. change its decision to refuse you by granting you a visa).

How can we help?

We will assess the basis for the refusal to determine whether making an application for a review is justified over other refusal options. For this service, we will carry out some preliminary work to ascertain the underlying basis for the refusal. We will examine the provision(s) of law upon which the refusal was based and any other information or document you submitted in support of your application. We will then provide you with an opinion on whether or not you have sufficient basis in law to make an application for a review.

If we determine that you have sufficient legal basis, we may do some or all of the following:

  • Conduct legal research to explore provision(s) in relevant statutes that are favourable to your case;
  • Advice you on documentation or evidence required to prove certain facts;
  • Review all supporting documents or information to ensure that they are consistent and coherent;
  • Assess whether local legislation allows you to provide new and further evidence in support of your review;
  • Prepare legal grounds for the review and/or skeletal arguments outlining any legal or factual errors in the decision which justifies that it be reviewed;
  • Make timely and periodic follow-ups to ensure that your review is determined within the statutory time period;

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Schengen Visa Services in Ghana

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