Renunciation of Ghanaian Citizenship

Dual Citizenship Renunciation In Ghana

We assist persons to make a declaration of renunciation of dual citizenship of Ghana. Not all countries allow Dual Citizenship. Therefore, a Ghanaian national who wishes to take up the citizenship of another country may have to renounce their citizenship if that other country does not allow its nationals to hold dual citizenship.

Renunciation of citizenship generally involves voluntarily waiving or forgoing one’s citizenship in favour of another citizenship. The applicant must provide evidence that they will be granted citizenship of another country should they renounce their Ghanaian citizenship.

A person who lost their Ghanaian citizenship because they acquired the citizenship of another country may apply for the status of the right of abode. They must show that they lost their Ghanaian citizenship because they acquired another citizenship.

In all cases, we can assess the eligibility requirements for renunciation, advise on relevant supporting documentation, complete relevant application forms, draft and review supporting letters in support of the application, and engage with the Ministry to ensure that the application is processed within time.

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