Work Permit in Ghana

Work Permit In Ghana

We assist non-Ghanaians to make applications for a work permit

A foreign national cannot take up work, employment, or business unless they have been issued a Work Permit by the appropriate authority. This applies to all foreign nationals, including ECOWAS citizens. A foreign national who wishes to take up work, employment, or business may apply for the issuance of a Work Permit to enable them to undertake the work, employment, or business in respect of which the application is made. An application for a work permit may be made directly to the GIS.

Certain other work, employment or business carried on concerning certain industries may be made through an industry regulator like the Petroleum Commission, the Free Zone Authority, or where applicable, through the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC).

Work Permits may be issued for different purposes. For example, the Rotator permit is a category of work permit designed for immediate and short-term engagements in the oil and gas industry. The automatic immigrant work quota also allows enterprises to employ a specified number of foreign nationals commensurate with their foreign capital investment in the enterprise. Any other enterprise, (whether foreign or local) may apply for a work permit on behalf of a foreign national through the GIS.

In all applications for Work Permits, we can assess the eligibility requirements for the particular type of Work Permit required, advise on relevant supporting documentation, complete relevant application forms, draft and review supporting letters in support of the application, and engage with the GIS officials or applicable industry regulator to ensure that application is processed within time.

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